GSI 127

The GSI 127 is for use with piezoelectric transducers with integrated electronics, piezoelectric transducer signal conditioners and proximity probe signal conditioners.  This brand new product is a drop-in replacement for the GSI 124.


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Product chain

Refer to the system overview for more information on the chain.

IPC 704


The IPC 704 signal conditioner converts the charge-based signal from a piezoelectric transducer into a current or a voltage signal. This current or voltage signal is transmitted to the processing electronics via a standard 2-wire or 3-wire transmission cable.

IQS 450


The IQS 450 is a signal conditioner. Together with a TQ 4xx they form a calibrated proximity system in which each component is interchangeable. The system outputs a voltage or current proportional to the distance between the transducer's tip and the target (e.g. machine shaft).

IVC 632


Signal conditioner for CV 210 velocity sensor.

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